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    1. Industry focus

      Dow and ChengYing
      Date:2016-05-18 09:51 Traffic:
      ——Tailor-made environmental protection and green solutions for flexible packaging industry
      On April 28, 2016, the 30th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition ended successfully at Shanghai New International Expo Center! Shanghai Chengying New Materials Co., Ltd., as the agent of Dow’s flexible packaging adhesives, assisted Dow in the whole process of setting up booth and hosting visiting customers, which successfully demonstrated our company's comprehensive strength in tailoring green solutions for the flexible packaging industry and consolidated the existing partnerships between Dow and Chengying, at the same time, this exhibition also excavated a large number of potential customers and lay a foundation for the development of the market.

      This exhibition focuses on the hot spots of the industry, integrates advanced technology, and has a large scale. There are more than 3,300 exhibitors from 39 countries, more than 140,000 visitors (25% of them are overseas customers), and 240,000 square meters of exhibition area, which not only proves the development of the rubber and plastic industry, but also illustrates the extremely fierce competition in the market.    
      Shanghai Chengying has been engaged in the flexible packaging industry for more than ten years, has insight into the current market status of domestic packaging industry, and has far-reaching influence and rich experience in the fields of flexible packaging, medical packaging and tobacco packaging, and is equipped with high-quality technical team for composite adhesives. Our company has always adhered to the principle of "focus, innovation, and integrity", taking "win-win" as our mission, and working with Dow’s composite adhesive experts to provide customers with better flexible packaging solutions.   
       In response to the government's call for environmental protection, Dow and mechanical manufacturer Nordmeccanica demonstrated some flexible packaging composite adhesive technologies and solutions. Dow's solvent-free solutions have significant advantages such as low emissions, environmental protection and low cost.  
      In the 30th robber and plastic industry exhibition, our company assisted Dow in organizing the "Dow Special Packaging Solutions Seminar" and invited a number of customers from the flexible packaging industry to the site. The conference mainly focused and summarize on international and domestic industry policies and the development of flexible packaging industry. In response to market trends, the meeting promoted Dow's new solvent-free product 899A/C99, which provides more choices for soft packaging customers.

      After years of development and growth, Shanghai Chengying has occupied a place in the flexible packaging industry. With its R&D team and rich experience in the industry, Chengying gradually shows the trend of becoming an expert in flexible packaging solutions. Realizing low VOC emission, low energy consumption, environmental protection is the development trend of flexible packaging composite adhesive industry, and also the target of Chengying.

      On June 16,2016, Dow and Chengying will hold 2016 Joint seminar in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province.