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    1. Industry focus

      Dow and Chengying creates green packaging solutions hand in hand
      Date:2016-06-22 09:52 Traffic:
      On June 16,2016, "Green Packaging Solutions Seminar" jointly held by our company and Dow was grandly held in Haoshideng Hotel, Jiaxing. Our chairman of the board Mr YuMingDong, general manager Mr Zhou Kejun, Dow Asia Pacific sales director Mr Weidong, industry experts, industry partners and new and old customers attended the seminar. Together,we witnessed the "perfect combination” between Dow and Chengying, and had a deep understanding of new regulations and policies of the flexible packaging industry, and discuss the market dynamics and the new technology of flexible packaging.

      Our chairman of the board Mr YuMingDong is taking photos with customers
      The seminar mainly focused on flexible packaging adhesives and flexible packaging composite technology. Dow adhesive experts have been committed to the development of green and environmentally friendly water-based, solvent-free adhesives, on the one hand, responding to my country's environmental protection requirements, on the other hand, providing high-quality flexible packaging solutions for direct customers and downstream customers. In this seminar, Dow introduced a new solvent-free product, 899A/C99, which has a stable friction coefficient and is suitable for the compounding of high-slip substrates;   

      Industry expert Mr. Li Jianjun analyzes China’s policies
      During the meeting, industry expert Mr. Li Jianjun deeply interpreted my country’s regulations on VOCs emission and listed the VOCs emission tax imposed by all the provinces. Generally speaking, the collection of VOCs emission tax will greatly increase the cost of enterprises. In the long run, it is very important for the transformation of enterprises to start with environmentally friendly raw materials.

      Renato Gtaneli, General manager of Nordmeccanica Great China
      This conference was fortunate to have invited Renato Gtaneli, General manager of Nordmeccanica Great China, a solvent-free equipment manufacturer, to introduce Nordmeccanica and the global solvent-free market dynamics. Dow has established a good cooperative relationship with Nordmeccanica. In the field of solvent-free adhesives, Dow and Nordmeccanica share customer resources and work together to create green and environmentally friendly flexible packaging solutions.