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    1. Industry focus

      The 12th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition
      Date:2018-06-07 09:54 Traffic:
      From May 28- 30, 2018, as a leader in solar back sheet adhesive, our company appeared in the 12th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition. The exhibition has achieved great achievements in enhancing our brand effect, finding and attracting potential new customers and strengthening the relationship with existing customers.

      Our senior leaders communicate with customers
      Under the premise of our company's extensive introduction of back sheet glue adhesive, this exhibition is a good opportunity for brand promotion. Customers have a deeper understanding of our company's comprehensive strength, intuitively feel our company's superior R&D strength and service capabilities, and enhance their confidence in cooperation with our company. The exhibition also attracted a number of potential customers at home and abroad, all of which showed a strong interest in our company's back sheet adhesive, and some samples have been arranged for testing after the meeting. This has laid a solid foundation for our company's product deployment in the global photovoltaic industry and establishing a leading brand position in the back sheet industry.    

      Staffs of photovoltaic exhibition is taking photos