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    1. Industry focus

      2018 WEIKAI obtain new glory again
      Date:2018-09-21 09:57 Traffic:
      ---Zhejiang Weikai New Materials Co.Ltd grand opening
      On September 21, 2018,  the sun was shining and firecrackers were blaring, Zhejiang Weikai New Materials Co.Ltd held a grand opening ceremony in the beautiful scenery of Lishui.

      Zhejiang Weikai New Materials Co.Ltd belongs to Shanghai Weikai optoelectronics new materials Co.,Ltd, is a technological enterprise engaged in the R&D and production of functional PPA master batch, and has an excellent reputation and technical strength in the industry.
      At 11:18, Mr Zhou kejun, the Chairman of Zhejiang Weikai announced the opening of ceremony. Director Chen Yayun as the representative of the Management Committee of Liandu district, Lishui and General Manager You Jinshou as the representative of Zhejiang Weikai, made a statement respectively and gave good wishes to the future development of Weikai. At the same time, Mr Yu Liwei, the chief executive of Liandu district, Lishui, Mr Guan xingbiao, director of management committee, Mr Zhou weiwei, the chief of  Economic Development department, Mr Liujun, the chief of  Environmental protection department made a special trip to have in-depth communication about the development of the enterprise, and took photos with the chairman of Zhejiang Weikai.

      In the countdown of all the guests, the gorgeous fireworks bloom to the sky. "The treasure cuts opens the road of wealth, profits pouring in from all sides", the ribbon-cutting ceremony has always represented the good wishes of fortune. 

      (The  ribbon-cutting clients from left to right are: Mr You Jintao, Chairman of Zhejiang Hongyuan plastic materials Co., Ltd, Chen Yayun, vice director of  the Management Committee of Liandu district, Lishui, Mr Zhou kejun, the Chairman of Zhejiang Weikai New Materials Co.,Ltd,  You Jinshou, General Manager of Zhejiang Weikai New Materials Co.,Ltd.
       The successful opening ceremony of Zhejiang Weikai is inseparable from the contribution of each employee and the care of each leader. Special thanks to Chairman Yu for guiding the opening ceremony in Lishui during his busy schedule. Behind the growth of WEIKAI is countless sweat of all the employee, and we will strive forward, never forget the original intention.