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    1. Industry focus

      “WEIKAI”boosts the high-quality development of new materials in the post-epidemic period
      Date:2020-09-23 10:00 Traffic:
      From September 15-19,2020, under the guidance and support of Shanghai Municipal Government, “WEIKAI”as one of the invited company, show a splendid appearance in the 22nd China International Industry Fair (CIIF) which was hold by Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.
       Under the “infrastructure”background, in order to accelerate the deployment of 5G networks, promote the optimization and upgrading of fiber optic broadband networks and the development of smart energy infrastructure and promote the rapid economic development of the new materials industry, our exhibits mainly include fiber optic coating, solar back-sheet adhesives and li-ion battery materials. Among those, solar back-sheet adhesives won“CIIF new materials”award in the fair. Mr. Ding Wanqiang, director of technology department, as the representative of the company, attended the award ceremony of the New Material Industry Development Summit Forum.
       In order to cope with the opportunities and challenges in the post-epidemic period, the company will focus on research and development, strengthen collaborative research, insist on making new breakthroughs in technological innovation and service innovation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, improve the product quality, and promote more energy-saving and environmentally friendly customer customized services to achieve a win-win situation with customers.  


      On April 20, 2020, the Development and Reform Commission first clarified the scope of China's "new infrastructure", which mainly includes three aspects: one is information infrastructure, the second is integrated infrastructure, and the third is innovative infrastructure. Information infrastructure mainly refers to communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, industrial Internet, and satellite Internet. It also includes new technology infrastructure represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, block chain, etc., and also includes computing power represented by data core infrastructure. Converged infrastructure mainly refers to smart transportation infrastructure, smart energy infrastructure, etc. Innovation infrastructure mainly refers to the innovation foundation of major science and technology, science and education, industrial technology, innovation education, and so on.

      The construction of new infrastructure will bring opportunities for specific materials. The downstream demand side will drive the transformation and upgrading of materials and accelerate the development of new materials.