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      The sixteenth WEIKAI Chairman's meeting room
      Date:2021-04-21 16:41 Traffic:
      The grass grows and the spring is bright and beautiful. In this warm spring season, WEIKAI held the 16th "Chairman's Meeting Room" . The meeting was presided by Chairman Yu. In the meeting, Chairman Yu introduced the development of WEIKAI to the new employees. The traditional tobacco packaging, medical packaging developed steadily, the solar back-sheets adhesives, li-ion flexible packaging develop rapidly, the company has good prospects. Chairman Yu also taught everyone the concept of straight-line thinking, and propose the "do it right the first time" approach. Everyone benefited a lot and spoke freely. Gao Xiang, Xue Yudong, Hou Siyu made reports as the representatives.

      In the current which opportunities and challenges coexist, the new employees are the fresh blood into WEIKAI. They should keep enthusiasm, find the right method, seize the opportunity and meet the challenge. We are looking forward to grow up in WEIKAI and achieve success together!