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      The district mayor Hu Weiguo of Jinshan district visited our Jinshan factory
      Date:2018-04-02 10:59 Traffic:
      At 3 pm, March 29, the district mayor Hu Weiguo of Jinshan district, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group Su Zhenhong, District Science and Technology Commission Director Liu Xinyu, the leaders of the district government office and the second industrial zone visited our company for investigation and inspection. 

      Chairman Yu made an introduction
      The research work began in the work report of Chairman Yu Mingdong. Chairman Yu mainly introduced the company’s basic situation, R&D and staffing, development status and future plans, and especially described our company’s third entrepreneurial spirit and new products and planning for new areas.
      After Chairman Yu’s work report, the district mayor Mr. Hu affirmed our company's development and achievements in new materials and new fields and said” Shanghai Chengying New materials is a young, vigorous and promising enterprise. Also, Hu affirmed the social value of our company and praised us for making outstanding contributions to the economic development of Jinshan.

      The district mayor Hu understands the development situation and demands of the enterprise
      After that, the district mayor Hu inquired about the problems he cared about and communicated with the leaders of our company. The communicated mainly focused on the introduction and settlement of the talents. The district mayor Hu said, the municipal government and district government have increased the emphasis on talents. We must continue to reform in view of this problem, attract talents and lay a foundation for the development of Jinshan.     
      At last, the district mayor Hu put forward some suggestions for our company, and encouraged: "as a private enterprise, your company should be down-to-earth, and adheres to the company's corporate culture and direction. At the same time, keep continuous innovation, production and research, make good plan and layout, and become the leader in the field of new materials."